Traffic Signal Light Tester

Responding to the immediate need of traffic signal light reliability, quality, safety and economic issues Spectra Light Laboratories presents the Spectra Candela II model TSL 2000 Traffic Signal Light Tester.  It's the only hand held, multifunction/multi-channel, comprehensive, and reliable Light Emitting Diode (LED) intensity measurement tester.  Specifically manufactured for the transportation industry TSL 2000 can be used for critical signal light applications.

The Spectra Candela II TSL Tester Incorporates:                            Advanced Micro-Computer Technology, Sealed Hybrid Integrated Circuitry,     Aviation Green Back-Lit LCD display, Memory, Ratio and Averaging Function. Wide Range extends from 10 -1 to 10 5.




The Spectra Candela II Traffic Signal Light Tester System is a versatile, precision, portable Photometer / Radiometer for measuring luminous intensity [Candlepower in candelas (Cd)] of new LED traffic signal light modules-- even in the field. Independently calibrated channels for RED, YELLOW and GREEN LEDs measure intensity and record degradation of both 8" (200 mm) and 12" (300 mm) LED traffic signal light modules and Luminance integrator for 12 " Arrows. Automatic calibration and correct readout units are  accomplished when the proper attachment is installed and switches are set. Simply compare the readings to the attached reference chart for pass/fail criteria. NIST traceable calibration included.                  

There are three factory-configured models available.  Model # ST-TSL-2000 (Six Channels) Model # BK-TSL-2000 (Three Channels)- Model SK-TSL-2000 (One Channel).

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For highest accuracy and reliability we have carefully selected silicon photovoltaic cell.  This detector has broad spectral response and is well suited for all applications, which do not require the extremely high sensitivity of photomultiplier tubes.

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